Infiniti has come a long way. Now, finely tuned to conquer the demands of European roads, it’s ready to make its mark once more. It’s an exciting time for us – but it’s even more exciting for you…

Born in the US from our Japanese parent company Nissan, Infiniti now has presence in the UK, China, Russia and Switzerland, with headquarters near to Geneva. We’ve been building up gradually over the last 20 years to make certain our brand DNA – what we call ‘Modern Japanese Luxury’ – is at the heart of everything we do. Adapting this for the most sophisticated automobile market in the world, and the most discerning drivers, has taken time to craft.

Our Infiniti Centres are known for their awe-inspiring architecture, welcoming environment and unique services. And over the coming years we will continue to build these with the care and attention to detail for which they have become renowned. At the end 2010 we had 35 centres open across 15 cities and by the end of 2011, we aim to have 40 centres in total across Europe.

Infiniti has arrived and we promise it’s been worth the wait. Discover Infiniti for yourself at 77 Piccadilly, opposite The Ritz in London, or in Reading on the A33 at 25-27 Rose Kiln Lane.