Dress2Kill has been creating bespoke- suits at affordable prices for the modern London man since 1999. An upbeat and creative brand, Dress2Kill are pushing boundaries in today's suit market. With an innovative and creative streak, while not forgetting the rich heritage of the British suit, wearers of Dress2Kill suits can expect to feel a million dollars – any day of the week and have the ultimate in shopping experiences.

The Dress2Kill experience follows six key principles:

1. Everyday concerns should be left at the door. The mind should be free of all unnecessary stresses and strains.

2. Magazines, books and other reference materials are available for the purloining of sartorial inspiration from persons of fame and notoriety.

3. Open and frank discussion of preferences and opinion with your tailor is actively encouraged, as is the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

4. Measurements will be taken without embarrassing silences, winces of distress or moments of discomfort.

5. Snobbishness, self-consciousness and adherence to stuffy tradition are strictly prohibited.

6. One should only leave the premises when fully satisfied.

We take pleasure in giving our customers an unforgettable experience in addition to delivering a quality suit. Come experience the difference at our Waterloo store: 47 The Cut, London, SE1 8LF.